Yes; Bail Bondsman Are Officers Of The Court

Whether they have been appointed directly – and this they can be – by a court of law – or have been approached by a hapless man or woman off of the street if you will, bail bondsmen or women, or agents, are indeed officers of the court. Indeed, Huntington Beach Bail Bonds fulfill a very important part of everyday life and it is not nearly as inflexible or permanent as, say, a bank loan (which is surely never guaranteed these days) would be.

Furthermore, it could be argued that appointed or approached agents of the court, working for private specialist companies like Acme Bail Bonds Huntington Beach, are not nearly as demanding. Bank clerks will be demanding in reminding customers that loan repayments are long past overdue. The inability to pay back a loan could unfortunately very well lead to a court appearance, and although legally speaking it should never come to that, has it not happened that unfortunate customers have landed up in jail.

But usually not for more than a few hours because after all, the law enforcement offices still appear to adhere to that one longstanding tradition of allowing the unfortunate captive that one (magical) phone call. Priority number one of course would always be to approach the best possible legal resource that allows that unfortunate person to ‘get out of jail’. But unfortunately; not necessarily free.

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The first-time offender may not know who to call in the event of being in no position to finance an attorney at law. Instead of appointing a state-employed attorney, the law enforcement offices do well to place those in their custody in touch with the nearest and most reputable bail bondsman or woman, or agent, acting as officers as the court as well.